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Da Vinci and Verrocchio decipher the brazen head's hidden message but at a terrible cost. Riario's redemption doesn't go according to plan and neither do Lorenzo's negotiations with the King.
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This week on Da Vinci's Demons, Leonardo faced one last mystery in the New World before heading home. King Ferrante of Naples finally meets with Lorenzo, but is it too little too late?
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Leonardo and his allies enter The Vault of Heaven but in order to reach The Book of Leaves they must survive three deadly challenges. Elsewhere, Lucrezia meets with the heir to the Ottoman throne.
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On Da Vinci's Demons, Leonardo and his friends finally reach the new world. Elsewhere, Lorenzo has an awkward meeting with King Ferrante of Naples.
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On Da Vinci's Demons, Leonardo uses the stars and his genius to plot a course to the new world. Lucrezia is reunited with her father and Lorenzo's road trip to Naples is interrupted.
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Da Vinci's Demons is an original series on Starz. It takes us inside the unusual world of a certain famous painter.

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Al-Rahim: You have failed us da Vinci. You are not the one we hoped.
Leonardo: I couldn't abandon Lorenzo.
Al-Rahim: So you abandon your destiny?

All those nights dissecting corpses Andrea, they're about to pay off.

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