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Gossip Girl Review: Daring to Dair!

Weird that Lilly has NOT contacted Cece when she was looking for Charly, right? And weird that Rufus knew that Lilly was at the Empire and Chivy wainting for her at the apartment and he did not tell either of them. The writers make so many mistakes it is unbelievable.
Anyway I hate Dair. I still do not get how people can love this and how Dan could fall for Blair. But I guess everyone had to hook up with everyone at least once in this show, right? I see Cherena coming haha :D
Apart from the bad storyline and the many many mistakes I really LOVED Blair's dress ;)


OMG Boooooring!
I dont know who is the most boring person. Annie? Silver? Navid? The only two guys worth watching are Liam (yummy!) and Naomi (girl power!).
And what was that "sexy" outfit Adrianna? And then hiding behind TRANSPARENT curtains? Navid has seen u naked before, u know?
No more episodes until March :( let's hope they use that break to come up with some spicy new storylines. I do not want to see just boring rich people!
Bring Ethan back!!!

90210 Review: Karmageddon!

I did like this episode.
When I saw Liam and Naomi together I was sooo longing for a spark, even a tiny one would have been enough, but no! Liam keeps on doing the Vampire. Urgh. I want Liam and Naomi again. But Naomi as power girl is funny to watch and quite enjoyable. Go Naomi!
What I love about 90210 that it has still a bit of realism. The girls talking about classes and college shows you, that the writers did not forget about the college part (unlike gossip girl where everybody suddenly gets a perfect job without finishing college).
I like Bree, she always brings fun!
And I loved the Austin and Dixon bonding, we see way to less friendship between the guys this season. Remember last season? Good times.
And will they really write Austin out of the show? No Austin and Naomi anymore?
I dont like Annie. She always gets away with EVERYTHING! grrrr
Oh and yeah there is Ivy. I knew that she was making pictures, at least she took Nick's class right? p.s. Bring Ethan back!