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Glee Review: Ho, No, No

People just did not understand this episode I guess you have to be as old as I am to understanmd how brilliant this episode was.
Beeing my age, I am a proud silver-surfer, you see the b/w sequence with the 60s furniture, decoration and dresses. Hear how the actors speak (so pointed)the way they act - you recognize it yes, that´s how TV was back than. Curt and Blaine greeting the viewers in TV land "this is my roommate for the holidays", with a little pause before the word roommate. Great! Matt Morrison made it happen that the young actors understood how he wanted this done. Hats off, Mr Morrison Sue, wanting them to attend a function - did you like that mirror in front of your face TV viewers? People give less and less - but more homeless people than ever.
Nobody wants to hear that, of course.
So they say it is a bad episode. Yeah - if you don´t see behind it. And Rachel not beeing selfish bechause she returns the presents she got from Finn? This part of the episode is so American, don´t you see that?
Give if you can, help each other, no matter what their beliefs are. And if the promote the Christmas CD to sell as much as the can, hey guys, it´s for charity what could possibly be wrong with that? The songs are great!
Thank you all cast and crew, you did a great job. I see that, if nobody else.
Happy Hanukkah
Merry Christmas
Happy Holidays