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The Vampire Diaries Caption Contest 100

Kol: Pool cue, tell me how handsome I am...?

The Vampire Diaries Review: A Mother's Nature

after this episode, i've lost all the respect I ever had for elena, shes just toying with both brothers? i know it might be hard, but she needs to decide before one of them gets hurt. She deserves all the jealousy she gets for what she said to damon:'(

The Vampire Diaries Caption Contest 98

Klaus: Mmmmm... is that Guilty by Gucci?

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Will Delena ever happen?

yeah,i agree with everyone to be honest,i just wish it wasnt true:'( why cant she love him?xx

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Delena Thread :)

WOO,finally a delena thread,i thought i'd never find one;)

they are my FAVOURITE ship ever,but i do prefere damon by himself;)

I could watch every scene their in together a million times and always have to go aww,

I actually don't get how shes not with him already, stefans gone crazy,and i think damon loves her more than that ugly wetblanket bear does anyway.

And damon is amazing,he deserves every girl he wants. Also - I dont get why katherine never loved him,he might be badass now but when he was a human he was the sweetest thing ever! (not stefan sweet..thats just creepy)

But like every other show like this, the girl gets the nice boy who isn't perfect but she loves him anyway, which in this case (may as well be) stefan,even though damon would be better for her.

Damon is much less likely to rip her throught out because he has C O N T R O L unlike bloody stefan,if she gets a papercut he would probably drain her before she could say "I love damon!".

I just dont get it, damon wants to be human more,

loves her more,

wants her more,

cares more,


then why is he still alone :'(


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What TVD scene has made you jump up and down in excitement???

hmmnn,well I think theres a few for be honest whenever tvd is on I jump up and down with exitement:)

- 1x22, damon/katherine kiss,well...I was only jumping until we figured out it was bloody kathrine...argh she manages to ruin everything!

- 2x10, when damon goes to get elena from giving herself to elijah,the bit where she tries to hit him and he grabs her hand and says "Don't you that again," and they get soooo close its like their going to kiss..but they dont.

-2x11, when rose gets bitten,maan I hated her ever since she kidnapped elena. THEN she goes and kisses damon and the have sex?! When jules jumps through the window I was scared she'd get damon,but when she got rose I was cheering her on!


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