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no, Olivia told Fitz because she knew things were so far gone between Mellie and Fitz. telling Fitz herself would make her seem loyal and the good person, the one who stood by him thick and thin.

Mellie and Fitz's marriage is basically unfixable even with the revelation that Mellie was raped. i mean did you see what happened in that scene? Fitz just felt so sorry and it was hardly even cathartic for Mellie. they will not love one another again or have the closeness and yearning that Fitz and Olivia share in their relationship. Olivia was just being a selfish bitch. there was nothing selfless and self-sacrificing about it.

best case scenario for Mellie and Fitz is for them to both be happy with other partners and be very good friends who love each other instead.

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no. not the least bit surprised. it's part of why she's going to be leaving. no question.


yes, yes and yes. i second comment on Huck and Quinn. gross.