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Once Upon a Time Review: I Am Your Father!

Great episode! (great twist! Only called it a few seconds before it happened) But just a few things :
- Seriously Henry, the first thing you ask is what the hourglass is for and not "how come is this place covered in skulls?" Like how is that a good thing, why would you save magic in a place that has the shape of skulls and has a thousand skull-shaped rocks everywhere, it's beyond me.
- Second, how did Henry not hear Rumple and Peter Pan? How big can this cavern be seriously, And it was echoing like hell!
- Third, how come no one (Emma,Regina or Bael) asked where the hell was Rumple?? He goes there first and isn't there when they get in, but you know what, never mind. Not like it could have made Henry realize something was veeery wrong. I get that Henry would believe Peter Pan over his family, with how they sometimes lied to him about stuff, but it was kinda weird, the acting didn't sell it for me.
Can't wait to see how they save Rumple and Henry! Also great acting from the guy playing Rumple's father and stealing old-Rumple's mannerisms, that was pretty cool!

Arrow Review: Farewell to The Hood

Am I the only one who thought The Black Canary sounded like she was playing pinball when she was fighting?
(yes this is my review of this episode, I'm sorry, that kind of distracted me)
(ok episode, a bit on the cheesy side though :/)

Revolution Review: Back From the Dead

I kinda feel like Charlie is just a Miles 2.0 now, being witty and dark and all. (her chasing after Monroe doesn't help either) It annoys me a bit. Otherwise all the storylines are waaay better than next season. Not a big fan of the resurrection and dead rats stuff, but I like Aaron, Rachel and her father enough to be interested anyway. Looking forward to the next episode!