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The Vampire Diaries Caption Contest 145

Rebekah: We're here to discuss which ones on this table are heading to the spin-off. I say we all go and leave Elena at Mystic Falls. Who is with me?

The Vampire Diaries Caption Contest 142

Bonnie: Tyler, are you okay? Can you finish the spell? Tyler: No, I'm anxious and bloated and my nipples hurt. Caroline: Don't be a pansy-ass! We need you. Get up. Let's go. Tyler: No! I won't! I mean, it's always me. "We need you, Tyler. Let's go Tyler. Tyler. Tyler. Tyler!" You're always yelling at me but you never listen to me. What about MY feelings?

Gossip Girl Caption Contest 218

♪Hop up out the bed, turn my swag on♪