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The Vampire Diaries Caption Contest 145

Rebekah: We're here to discuss which ones on this table are heading to the spin-off. I say we all go and leave Elena at Mystic Falls. Who is with me?

The Vampire Diaries Caption Contest 142

Bonnie: Tyler, are you okay? Can you finish the spell? Tyler: No, I'm anxious and bloated and my nipples hurt. Caroline: Don't be a pansy-ass! We need you. Get up. Let's go. Tyler: No! I won't! I mean, it's always me. "We need you, Tyler. Let's go Tyler. Tyler. Tyler. Tyler!" You're always yelling at me but you never listen to me. What about MY feelings?

Gossip Girl Caption Contest 218

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Klaus and the Baby.

and here I thought the spin-off might actually be good. maybe in the first episode of The Originals next fall we'l skip straight to the delivery where Klaus's son (oh, it WILL be a son) is born an angry teenage brat that goes to Mystic Falls to make allies with the Salvatores and Elena and they all go to New Orleans to kill Klaus. here, Julie, no more headaches for you - I got you the entire plot for season 1 AND season 5 of TVD.

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Vampire Diaries stole Buffy Villain?

also Stefan declaring that once Elena takes the cure he'll make a life of his own. if there's an announcement in the next few weeks that Stefan moves to the Originals spinoff then we've got Plec-tries-to-Angelize-Stefan 2.0

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my fav thing on tumblr for weeks now

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