Love watching Grey's anatomy!!! :D

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Woah - It was such an emotionally exhausting episode since the "Symphony of Illumination" in last season. Although somehow this episode had a therapeutic effect on me. If they ended the season with Mother Cliffhanger, i am so going to be distracted through out the summer!

Grey's Anatomy: Casting for a Detective

Agree with Jarrod Mitchell .. When it comes to Shondaland, expect the unexpected. Last year, Lexie was not even in my list of probable deaths.. i was confuded between Webber and Kepner.. and boom went the staple characters like Lexie and Mark.. May be Sofia and Zola got kidnapped and a detective to find them?

Grey's Anatomy Sneak Peek: Who Quits?

Well everything cannot be according to Owen. This is what he does, he messes up the entire situation and then yell then cry and then yell some more! He did the same with Teddy Cristina Triangle thing, then again during Cristina's abortion conflict and now he is on to this again - Bailey please slap him!