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I don't think that she will choose that soon. She doesn't even was really together with Damon.


@ Stefelena:
I think that a vampire can stake an original, but if they stake them with a dagger they will die. Nobody said they will die, when they stake them with a white oak tree stake.


@ Nawty-Angel the original witch was Klaus' mother and he killed her so i don't think she is alive and she can't be a vampire either because Rebekah said that she was a servant of nature and she can't be vampire, because they are monsters of the nature.
And is there anyone who not knew the Salvatores or the originals?

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FINALLY STEFAN!!! I'm proud!

I agree that Stefan was good this episode and Stebekah were hot, but I still like Elena and wish that everyone would stop fighting with eachother (but then this show would be boring), at least the core characters should get along, but this won't happen any time soon. I also like Kol, but it was not so great from him to compel Damon to kill Jeremy (the move what good, but I still didn't like it), Elena's plan to kill Kol is actually good, because if it really works like Elena wants, Damon would be free and Jeremy only has to kill Kol, but I doubt that killing Kol is that easy and I don't even want him to be killed. I wish they would just stop with that stupid sire bond thing and thought he setted her free. But why does it seem like she's still sired?! Can't the writers just gave them a real shot without stupid obstacles? I still don't know if Shane can be trusted, but I believe Kol when he said, that they better not let Silas out, even if he maybe can bring dead people back (some people better stay dead). Bonnie going her own way and not doing what people want her to do was also great.

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OT: Gossip Girl Acapulco

They could have at least be a little more original with the name and the storyline. I mean SpanischBlar is SpanischNate's girlfriend but he still cheats on her with her best friend SpanishSerena and SpanishChuck knows it, tries to hit on SpanishSerena and SpanishJenny and Spanish Dan punches him for this. No thanks, I rather rewatch the original series.

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Departed Press Release

The triangle needs to be DEStroyed.

^^love word games

I ship Elena with a brain!!!!!!!!! Brelena WTF! XD


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