Pride: NCIS Agent Pride. But folks around this neighborhood call me King.
LaSalle: So I hear. Problem is, only kings I answer to are God Almighty and Elvis.

Dwayne. I've seen you MacGyver five-course meals with nothing but tune, honey and parsley. I know you'll figure out something!


Carter: Who are you?
Jane: I don't know.
Carter: I think you do.

We're gonna find her. I promise you.


I've done my job. Now, you do yours.


These tattoos. They've saved a lot of lives.


Hey I'm Kara. You remember me from your mum's office?


You spent more time in the friend zone than in the phantom zone.


Kara: Don't worry, Miss Grant. He wouldn't be safer with Supergirl.
Cat: Oh, this is getting annoying. Go.

Salad. Burger rare. Go!


Severide: I tried calling you. A few times.
Patterson: Maybe we can talk.

Cruz: I knew you wouldn't.
Otis: Bros for life.