There's more than biology between us, Sarah. There's something else. You can feel it, too.


Somehow, during Krystal's misguided but oddly effective investigation, she found herself on the trail of Delphine. Now, she saw her get shot, and that's bad. But, Cosima, she saw someone else pick her up. And Delphine was alive when they took her away.


Walker: Booth, I just want you to know, it wasn't protocol. It's just personal.
Booth: You're mixing your words. You should get some sleep.

Can you just put the snot rag away for now?


What some nutcase relative of mine did 100 plus years ago has nothing to do with me.


Booth: I need to do this.
Brennan: I know, but I need you to come home safe.

I know how much it weighs on you to take another life. Whenever you want to talk about it, I'm here. Always.


Whatever. If it was her, I can't blame her. I am responsible for Jeff's death.


That was supposed to be me. I wanted to jump.


Do we have to go to that dinner tonight? Can I wear my PJ's?


I realized that I'm in love with you, Gunnar.


Juliette is the mother of my daughter, she's always gonna be in our lives.