I didn't think they'd destroy and use everyone.


Vin, whatever went down between you and my son, that's your business. But, you show up on my property? That's my business, and trust me, you don't want that.


You proved it yesterday. You can handle yourself. That's what matters, not who, out of an impressively large group of dipshits, knocked up your mom.


They're fine? They look like a five year old did them. A blind one with one hand.


Craig: You don't think I can keep my dick in my pants.
Deran: Nope.

You are right to fear these people.

Detective Yates

My dad might be an idiot, but I'm not.


The warning signs are loud and clear.


We need you to do something for us.


Paul: Are you threatening me?
Baz: No. Never. Because you want this. You want what's on the other side.

Noah: These people just blindly bought into it. It's like they've never seen April Fool's Day, or the House on Haunted Hill. Accepting an invitation to a mysterious party practically ensures a grisly death.
Zoe: Isn't April Fool's Day the one where everything turns out to be a prank in the end?
Noah: Not if you've seen the alternate ending.

I'm sorry Ms. Lakewood ruined your virgin, but unfortunately that means he has to die.