Cassie: How is any of this possible? How can he know?
Cole: Jennifer calls it being primary.
Cassie: Primary?
Cole: They're connected to time somehow. They're not just crazy. The delusions. The voices in their head. They're real.

So, I hear you and your husband are going to be cleaning up my basement.


Norma: But that's not what happened. I like him.
Norman: You like him?
Norma: Yes.
Norman: [vomits]

Lola: Despite your heartbreak, I must warn you, I show no mercy.
Elizabeth: Lady Lola, I expect no less.

I know we've not yet discussed personal matters, but I will tell you something about my husband. I receive a letter from him nearly every day, and I haven't read one. They remain unopened in a pile because he lied to me and I deplore him. Even so, without him the nights are long and lonely. I can't imagine what they must be like without the man you truly love.

Lola [to Elizabeth]

Eh, leave it to the lung transplant and the mental patient to get all weepy about shit. Please.


Norman: I'm really happy for you, Emma. You and Dylan just seem so perfect, and I don't know why it didn't happen sooner.
Emma: Really?
Norman: Really.

So as soon as I get this all straightened out, which should be in the next two weeks, you and my mother can get a divorce.


Norman: So, did the sheriff actually have to live here?
Norma: Sometimes, yes.
Norman: Sometimes?

I've seen subtler displays of insensitivity. Do you attend the wakes of all your victims?


Sherlock [about Moriarty]: That's the first time you've ever paid her a compliment!
Joan: She also has great taste in shoes.

Before you go, look at your hand. Not invisible anymore.