Tao: I believe this belongs to Mark. Some legos, a book...
Provenza: Mein Kampf?

As for Mark's father, Ava was't sure. Before entering Witness Protection, she was heavily trafficked.


She told me where the money was and where to go if I needed to use the bathroom. But I didn't mind.


Well, cheers to Vince Korsak, the best partner, colleague, husband, friend anyone can ask for.


Maura: You were right.
Jane: Yay! I love being right. About what?

If your pages need to come alive, then come out and live a little.


I understand protecting your family. Since when does that include protecting murderers?


Jane: You think it's the right move?
Vince: Eh. Don't ask me. I find big decisions are harder to make the older I get.

Frankie: You found grandma's earrings?
Angela: Yes I did, and I forgot what terrible taste your great-grandmother had.

Jane: Please tell me you found some DNA and I'll give you a hundred bucks.
Maura: I did.
Jane: I'm not giving you 100 bucks but I'm really glad.

Nothing was the same after Wendy died. It was like we didn't know how to be a family without her.


Who cares what the editor thinks? If you don't believe in it, then nobody else will.