Whatever happens, don’t let go. You’re my link to the living.

Davina [to Josh]

Elijah, I’ve spent the last 24 hours being so angry at Tristan, at your family, at you, at Jackson even, for always being so brave. But then I realize that I’m not angry, I’m not mad. I’m just guilty. I wanted to blame you, blame anyone. The truth is that my husband died because he loved me, and loving any of us is a death sentence, isn’t it?


Here’s the thing, Damon. Hell messes with you, but post-Hell is much worse.


I guess it’s safe to say I lost my soft side.


What happened to your Hero Hair campaign to protect Mystic Falls?


I have no desire to kill Caroline. I mean, not since the last time I tried. I think we can all agree that was a huge misunderstanding.


It’s a diaper, not a bomb. Though I could dismantle a bomb blindfolded if I needed to.


Neil Dannon: Look, Toby is not some loner creep, no matter how hard you try to paint him like one.
Sherlock [pulls out a box full of mutilated photos]: You were saying?

We really are living in a golden age for perverts.


So, you'll break her nose, put her in the ER, but you draw the line at murder?

Marcus Bell

Do me a favor -- don't be too careful when you arrest them. Person who did this belongs down here.


Honestly, if I payed taxes, I’d be outraged.