Bishop: Technology tantrum.
Torres: Joining my club, McGee?

There was a time when I took cases for money and I never want to have to do that again.


Marisa: Your jaw could be broken.
Bull: It's not broken; I've been punched before.
Benny: Girlfriends don't count.

Poor guy would walk off a bridge if someone told him to.


Even when they know they're innocent, sixty percent of people will end up confessing if they're told there's overwhelming evidence against them.


Bull: If you just murdered someone would you go sleep on a park bench?
Marisa: It's hard to say, I've never murdered anyone but don't push me.

Trust must be earned with random, non-invasive testing.

Director Mace

I promise you, I am the man for this job. Because I'm not just a man. I'm an Inhuman.

Director Mace

Unless your face also does a clown posse thing, I'm infected. Give me some space.

Mack [to Robbie]

You said if you needed some ghost bustin...

Robbie [to Mack]

I didn't always have powers, and I did all right.

Daisy [to Mack]

Coulson: You had a near death experience.
May: It was a death experience. And I'm over it.
Coulson Well, I'm not over mine.