Theo: It's not saving just one life, it's saving the human race.
CJ: It isn't any different.
Theo: No, it's completely different.

You've been saving the world all along, Doctor. You just didn't know it.


Frank: I wish I was born somewhere else.
Xander: Unfortunately there is no somewhere else.

I’m looking forward to being douche mates.


I’d say you should see the other guy, Mike, but there were three of them.


In here, we use the buddy system and you left your buddy alone.


Mike: How about you take it up with the cook?
Frank: How about I take it up with you?

I didn't think they'd destroy and use everyone.


Vin, whatever went down between you and my son, that's your business. But, you show up on my property? That's my business, and trust me, you don't want that.


You proved it yesterday. You can handle yourself. That's what matters, not who, out of an impressively large group of dipshits, knocked up your mom.


They're fine? They look like a five year old did them. A blind one with one hand.


Craig: You don't think I can keep my dick in my pants.
Deran: Nope.