Jesse Salandar: People come out here for three reasons -- to think about mistakes they've already made, or about the one they're about to make.
Dr. Angus Leighton: You know, that's only two.
Jesse Salandar: Smoke break is number three. But your mama knows he taught you better than that.

Dr. Malaya Pineda: Well, what about Guthrie? He's been here since dial-up.
Jesse Salandar: Dial-up wasn't that long ago.

There's gonna be times when there's nobody there to back you up. When the only things you have is your eyes and your instincts. It's important that you trust yourself. And never, ever, ever give up on the patient. No matter what.

Jesse Salandar

Never wait for a test to form an opinion. Machines don't diagnose patients. We do.

Dr. Leanne Rorish

I tried exercise once. It didn't take.

Dr. Mark Taylor

I like to go where I'm needed.


Rosie, I need your help. I think someone is trying to kill me.


Pippy: Please tell me my eyes are not seeing this.
Donna: Didn't I teach you how to knock?

You're amazing and still so generous with your words.


Hornstock: She's gifted in this department.
Mike: She's gifted in a lot of departments.
Rosewood: He's developing a thing for Villa.
Hornstock: Mikey, you're consulting on a case here, behave accordingly.

Guys like you and me have no business dating a woman like Villa. Sliding her into your rotation isn't going to fly.


I'd really love to hear from you but I accepted that it won't happen.