Ah, Meredith. The other half of the twisted sisters.


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Owen: “You know in my experience nobody goes into battle because they want to win a Purple Heart. You do the right thing and sometimes that gets you a medal and sometimes it gets you killed
Derek: “How do you know when it’s the right thing?�
Owen: “When its the best thing for the most people. the thing that keeps the most people alive.�

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Grey's Anatomy Season 6 Episode 12 Quotes

(narrating) Number one rule of surgery is limit exposure. Keep your hands clean, your incisions small, and your wounds covered. Number two rule of surgery is when rule number one stops working, try something else. Because sometimes you can't limit exposure, sometimes the injury is so bad you have to cut, and cut big.


(narrating) In surgery, the healing process begins with a cut, an incision, the tearing of flesh. We have to damage the healthy flesh in order to expose the unhealthy. It feels cruel and against common sense, but it works. You risk exposure for the sake of healing, and when it's over, once the incision has been closed, you wait. You wait and hope that your patient will heal. That you haven't in fact, just made everything worse.