Live together, die together, works when you have to keep on fighting. Totally suck in real life.


"Gee, thanks Doc for saving us from certain death." Hey, no problem kids, any time. (glares at Irisa and Nolan) Grab a lollipop on your way out.

Doc Yewll

Doc Yewll: Now the ark-tech adapted itself, keeping the connection going through a spread-spectrum signal.
Amanda: Like Bluetooth?
Doc Yewll: You're adorable. But sure, why not, let's call it "Bluetooth for the brain."

Datak: Why would T'evgin help us?
Stahma: Must I draw you a chart?
Datak: Contrary to what you think, darling, your chivo is not magic.
Stahma: On many occasions, you've said different.

Stahma: I poisoned him with enough swimbo to kill a bell beast.
Datak: But is the Omec dead? No. He's at home smelling my wife on his fingers and chuckling about how he cuckolded Datak Tarr!
Stahma: I doubt T'evgin knows your name.

Dutch: Where is the target?
John: On Leith, during Harvest Fest. So we grab Vincent, make some joy, blow it all on pumpkin beer and grackle... all while we soak up the sun. Did I mention that we're going to be going undercover? You love undercover.

D'avin: Hey, so what's the deal with this psych eval I gotta get? Any tips?
John: I don't know, don't be crazy?

You know, you're just role-playing aggression bitch Dutch. You don't actually have to be one.


Keera Deen: Why do you want to be a Killjoy?
D'avin: Um, I believe in what the R.A.C. stands for and...
Keera Deen: No. Don't care. Try again.
D'avin: My team is excellent and I think that...
Keera Deen: Strike two. Tell you what hero, get back to me when you figure it out.
D'avin: I don't fit in anywhere else. I'm not cut out to be a civilian and I'm done being a soldier. I'm not good at a lot of things, but I'm good at that. And I would be good for the R.A.C.

John: Well this just got creepy. What do you think? Workers chopping and running or serial killer with an ear fetish?
Dutch: Either way, why hasn't Martell reported them missing?

John: For once, I had something that I was amazing at and a partner that I loved working with. And then he just comes in and he starts D'avining all over it. They started him at a Level 4. I'm allowed to be conflicted for a day.
Dutch: His Level 4, is nothing compared to the six years we've had each others backs. If you're worried about being replaced, don't be. You're irreplaceable to me.

I have a headache, a badge and a gun... Behave.