Tamsin: Ugh, I can smell their insecurity from here.
Bo: I think it's Eau de Taylor Swift.

Tamsin: Who better than a Valkyrie to protect the players on the field?
Bo: You don't think the guys are gonna notice a girl in the huddle?
Tamsin: A little doubt goes a long way. Plus, I'm not really a sidelines kind of girl.

Bust out your pom poms, Tam Tam, because it's time to flirt some intel out of a bunch of horny linebackers.


I hear you paid Patricia Evans a visit. Here the poor woman is grieving over her dead husband and you go banging on her door like a drunken Bible salesman.

Sheriff Pope

Ethan: Where's Pope?
Arlene: I don't know, let me look in my Magic 8-Ball and find out. Oh wait a minute, I don't have a Magic 8-Ball. Why don't you have a seat?

Sheriff Pope: I hope you haven't tainted my crime scene.
Ethan: The flies already took care of that.

Ethan: Look, I'm a government agent.
Sheriff Pope: Yeah and Mary Poppins is your grandmother.

Football Player: You're a tall glass of water, aren't ya? I could just drink you up.
Tamsin: Try Gatorade, asshole.

Dean: The Darkness.
Sam: What the hell is that?
Dean: What does it sound like? Does it sound like a good thing?

This is madness, Dean!


Truth is when I left, I thought the only way out was my death. I was wrong, Sam. It's yours.


A long, long time ago, there once lived an evil bitch.