Annalise: Was it you?
Frank: No. Annalise, you know I'm not that guy. Besides, I thought it was you.
Annalise: Because I'm that guy? Of course not.
Frank: Now what?

I used to have a teeming mane just like this.


I am pushing. Swearzy realzies


Can you do me just one favor? Shut the hell up and get it over with.


Lem Kane: That's why I had to keep my secret. Can you imagine what that would mean to big oil or OPEC?
Archer: Well, there's no need to be racist.
Lana: How is the acronym for the organization of pertoleum exporting countries racist?
Archer: Oh, that's what it means?

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You're sexy no matter what.


Lana's mom: What is it you're studying?
Archer: Um..Medeival-Slavic History
Lem Kane: Really? That must be fascinating
Archer: Well, everyone thinks that but---
Lem Kane: So tell me what are your thoughts on the Battle of Kuzamorv 1389
Archer: Um, no opinion (squirming his way through the answer)
Lem Kane: Not even as it relates to the rise of Serbian nationalism?
Archer: Um, nope? Also, that's a bit reductionist

You're afraid. Once you give it to me, you'll be of no further use to me, and you'll never see me again.


Archer: Who gets into a hot tub naked with a stranger?
Lana: Because everybody? Because Berkley?!
Archer: How doese a whole city get a pass from acceptable behavior!

Cheryl: Oh please, you invented racism? Also, you're just a reconstructed light field produced by firing a razor through a beam splitter..
Krieger's artificial girlfriend: Waaaww!
Pam: Yeah dude, not cool..

Archer: Can I call you Lem?
Lem Kane: Of course you may, absolutely. But it's actually pronounced Dr. Kane.

What sensible man would not be afraid of a farmer who made himself a king?