What's so wrong with wanting to be a person again?

Angela: I dropped you once.
Frankie: Is that what happened to him?

That baby didn't have anything to do with how it got made.

Angela: Will someone tell me what's wrong?
Jane: She's pregnant with your first grandchild and she's drunk.

One step closer and I'll be bringing your mother your body parts in a pie tin.

You made me leave my Luxuriana mattress for this kind of treatment?

We can't help who we love.

Angela: Why do you have to be so snippy?
Jane: Why do you have to be so snoopy?

What's the matter with you two? You look like you lost your favorite pair of mittens.

Why are you anxious? Is it because you put on a little weight?

Are you ready to conquer the clutter?

Angela: Well there's no advancement in my field without continuing education.
Ian: What's your field?
Angela: I run the police cafe.