Morgan: You really love it here, don't you?
Big Mike: Like a turkey loves Thanksgiving.

Let the statuesque man work out in peace.

So listen Devon. Have you ever given any thought to do something that involves less doctoring and more making a commercial for the Buy More?

Big Mike: Man I am so over this whole Jeffster! thing.
Lester: Me too.

The Buy More seems...empty. Are we observing International Pancake Day?

It's about steaks and gambling, and getting into some weird stuff that just might haunt you for the rest of your life.

That's the greatest thing a white person's ever done for me.

She knows I tapped Vegas dry back when I was with Earth, Wind, Fire and Rain.

Son, when you move into the forest, you can't complain that the wildlife is making too much noise. It's only natural, and beautiful, and frequent.

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