Bill: Skylar what were you designing?
Skylar: The end of the world.

Bill: Gary, whose baby is that?
Gary: I don't know, some lady gave him to me downstairs, told me to take care of him.

It's like asking an alcoholic to only drink in the office.

Bill: Who's manning the fort?
Gary: It's not a fort Bill; it's a bad metaphor. Forts have round things and cannons.

If only we can get the DoD to buy us a new car.

Bill: What, like a bat?
Rosen: Or a dolphin.

So I located Gary, he's at the 18th precinct. He was arrested for illegal parking and resisting arrest and for impersonating a federal officer. He should be out in about fifteen years.

Gary: I told you it was there, I'm a good partner.
Bill: Yes, you are a good partner.

Can we please get a proper conference table?

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