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Your pep talk needs help.

His wife hit her limit and dug her way out of here

Dov: So what do you think? Flight or fight?
Gail: Neither. This guy looks like a weeper.

Crystal: Judging from that banging sound, there's a ghost in my closet.
Dov: That's good news. You'll never be lonely.

You're like my brother. Forget that. Your better than my brother. My brother was a bit of a dink.

What if he didn't have one? How do I live with that?

I thought this was going to be like Two Men and a Baby. Instead it's like some horrible after school special.

Dov: You know that guys a fireman, right?
Chloe: So?
Dov: You're in a room full of cops and you're talking to a guy who basically operates a hose for a living.

Chris: Top or bottom?
Dov: Don't ever ask me that again.

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