What the hell am I doing? I've never stole anything before in my life.

And, yes, Senator you are right, my team is dangerous, and so am I.

With every loss there's often a beneficiary.

Cameron: Doc, you know you put a lock of these guys in there. Now, what if all they want is get their hands on you?
Rosen: Well, if that's the case then all of this will be over shortly.

You know, there's a reason they call them the old days...because they are old.

Thank you doctor I'll get the medication on my way out.

Bill: What, like a bat?
Rosen: Or a dolphin.

Cameron: Doc!
Rosen: This is a bit awkward. Nina don't get up on my account.

Cameron, you and I both know Nina never does anything she doesn't want to.

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