Ellie: Anything different happen on missions?
Morgan: Uhh, I started wearing tight slacks.

Ellie: What are you guys guarding down here that's so important?
Chuck: Well uh, me.

Of course you still work for the CIA.

Captain Awesome: Target is on the move "Hot Mamma".
Ellie Bartowski: Copy that "Six Pack" I got the baby, you got the car.

Honey if Clara could say arthroscopic, she needs to stop pooping her pants.

Sarah: I have a question for you. I was wondering if you would be my maid of honor.
Ellie: Seriously?
Sarah: Yeah.
Ellie: I would love to, of course.

Chuck: I just wanna make her happy, and everything I did backfired.
Ellie: Chuck, you bend over backwards to help people. It's one of the reasons you're so easy to love, but sometimes the best thing you can do is just take a step back. Be understanding. You don't have to fix everything.

Sarah if you ever need to talk about complicated family situations, wedding stuff, anything, you can come to me.

I can't believe you thought I was going to name out baby Grunka. Grunka, the name of the spoons I bought at IKEA. I had you going there for a minute though.

Ellie: I'm having a bit of an issue with Devon and I was hoping maybe you could help.
Chuck: I told you. I can't get him to stop cooking with no shirt on.

Awesome (to Ellie's stomach): This is one of daddy's favorite jams for tri-blasting.
Ellie: Devon, do you know you haven't addressed me in over an hour?

Morgan Grimes? The guy who took my pillow as his date to junior prom knows more about my family than I do?

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I hate Twitter.


Chuck, you're our leader.


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