Dennis: You gonna goddamn blow this for me? You gonna blow the thin mint thing?
Frank and Dee: Noooo!

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Charlie: Are you the father of me, and shit?
Frank: We've been over this -- your mother's a giant whore!

Frank: I don't care anything about this hole - I'm passionless.
Dennis: What are you saying Frank?
Frank: I officially retire from Paddy's Pub.
The Gang: YAY!!!

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I've seen many pigs eat many men -- it was a blood bath.

What’s up bitches! I’m a man cheetah! Wanna do something with this?

Now you? I don’t know who the hell you are, ‘cause we didn’t have a black.

Dennis: All of us have gotten god damn weird.
Frank: I think we're just hitting our stride!

Only two words came up! Asians and creampies.

Frank: You’re talking like you know me. Have we ever met?
Waiter: Let’s just move past this part.

Frank: Don’t talk out loud to me!
Charlie: Roger that!

The real threat is here at home! We gotta spy on Mac and Dennis.

Do you have some sort of donkey-brain database?

It's Always Sunny Quotes

Dee: Who slams a door?
Frank: Babies.
Dennis: That guy has some real growing up to do. Have some repect for Christ's sake... I am legend.

Let's pull up our bootstraps, oil up a couple asses, and do a little plowing of our own. POW! (gestures a fist punch up an invisible ass)... Not gay sex.