Charlie Team, execute, execute, execute!

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Ambassador Kelly: You have any idea why?
Callen: No, but you might.

Sam: Where the hell'd he go?
Callen: That's why they call him "Spooks"

Most of these guys just pray and spray.

If you got rockets and your intent is to kill the Ambassador, why would you let her go deeper in the building?

Sam: Almost gave you a heart attack? Imagine that!
Callen: What doesn't kill you -
Sam: Makes me want to kill you!

What about a small footprint? Navy could get us in.

I've gave up believing that I would meet my dad someday.

Joelle: And that's your family?
Callen: Yeah and I want you to meet them.
Joelle: I can't meet them Callen. Not until I meet you.
Callen: Okay. What do you want to know about me?
Joelle: Hmm, well. How bout we start with your first name
Callen: That's a little bit complicated.

Joelle: And Sam, I'm guessing he's not in the medical equipment field is he?
Callen: No.
Joelle: And Michelle?
Callen: They're kids are just kids though.

Callen: I thought you said you'd stay in the garage?
Joelle: I thought you said you were a securities trader.

Joelle: You have no idea how scary it is to have a gun pointed at you.
Callen: I know, I can only imagine.