You touch him and you'll need a turkey baster to have kids.

You ever ask yourself why the Illinois tried to blow us out of the water 30 minutes after we picked you up?

Grace: He thinks he's bullet proof.
Prosser: No but he wants them to think that he is.

If the US Navy finds out the array line's down they'll drop fifty guys just like you to double tap our skulls while we sleep.

That's the thing with these SEAL boys. They'll do just about anything for a thrill.

Prosser: Maybe they just don't want to hit a girl.
Shepherd: How did you ever stay married?
Prosser: Stayed deployed.

Joe: You didn't write. You didn't call.
Grace: You didn't hang yourself with your shoelaces. We all have our disappointments to muster.

Grace: She's nice and she really seems to like you.
James: Been known to happen.

Then you're just going to have to trust me. Aren't you, Sir?

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