Army Wives

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Army wives
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Pamela: I'm really worried about Denise. What happens if she doesn't wake up?
Roxy: Don't say that. She's going to wake up.

Pamela: Okay, you got a better idea?
Roxy: You be your ass I do.

There's a hurricane goin on, in case you haven't heard.

Chase: You know, what happened today, not being able to reach you, wondering if you were alright, it made me realize how you felt all those times I was away on missions.
Pamela: Sucks, right?
Chase: Well, I realize why you wanted me to quit.
Pamela: I just wanted you out of danger.
Chase: I want you out of danger too.

Pamela: I don't buy this 'just like old times' routine.
Roxy: Why not? It sounds like he's just lookin' for a new start.
Pamela: Yeah, maybe. Or maybe he's just trying to set me up so he can trash me on my review.

Roxy: Trevor's coming home, the truck stop isn't finished, and Whit's still here.
Pamela: You really are screwed.

Roxy, since Jeremy died you have been acting like Trevor is gone, too. And he's not. He's alive. And he's still your husband. And sooner or later he's coming home.

Pamela: She's not thinking clearly right now. Trevor's been gone a long time and she's struggling.
Whit: I just wanna help.
Pamela: Yeah, but you're not the man of the house, Whit. Trevor is.
Whit: I know.
Pamela: So, whether you mean to or not, your being here confuses things for Roxy, and the boys.

The most important thing that I've learned in this last year is that there is nothing more important than family, and we're never going to be apart again. Right now, I feel like the luckiest guy on the face of the earth.


Chase: Best wedding ever?
Pamela: Hardest to forget, anyway.

Apparently, Charleston is the number two wedding destination in this country. Who knew?

Pamela: I can only fool around with my fiance once week.
Roxy: Hey, it's more than I'm getting!

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I don't know how to get divorced.


I'm not a hero.


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