This cycle just keeps repeating itself over and over again! Betrayal, destruction, abandonment, forgiveness.

Cash: She's not your daughter anymore.
Rayna: Apparently you're not very good at biology.

I don't even know what life looks like without Maddie in it.

Maddie, I'm your mother. I love you. Please don't push me away.

Rayna: Your sister wants to live independently.
Daphne: Does that mean she's divorcing us?

Daphne: Where's Maddie?
Rayna: Honey, we're not quite sure where she is.
Daphne: Did she run away?

Look, honey, you're a survivor, and you have made beautiful music out of such an unfortunate circumstance.

As we know, there are no guarantees, but I just love the stories you told, and I think audiences are gonna love them, too.

I wanna get married in front of the people that we love. Not in front of the whole damn world.

Bucky: And Rayna James, you're about to marry Deacon Claybourne.
Rayna: About damn time.

I've had to do a lot of letting go lately. This one? Going to be real easy.

Now don't you dare go and leave me a widow.

Nashville Quotes

I have pretended for months that we still have a marriage!


You know what sucks about guys that date girls like us? We get to write songs about them.

Cash (to Maddie)