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Trevor: With your brains, you could do a lot in this Army. Even lead soldiers again. Your career is not over until you say it is.
Cody: It's over.

There's a lot I never told you. There's a lot I wish I never knew.

It's war, and in war civilians pay a price. Always. Mothers, fathers, children. One time we on patrol at this village outside Kandahar. Jeremy Sherwood is kicking a soccer ball with this Afghan kid. A few minutes later, a car bomb explodes and this kid and his father are dead. Funny thing is, the soccer ball wasn't touched. You got these two bodies lying there and the ball's perfectly fine.

A guy can't keep it together at home, how's he supposed to lead on the field?

Roxy: You didn't tell me she was an imperial storm trooper.
Trevor: I had no idea.

Roxy: I swear, if you're joking...
Trevor: It's no joke, babe. We're staying at Fort Marshall.
Roxy: That is awesome!
Trevor: Now we don't have to see The Hump Bar either. With all the new troops comin' in, business is gonna be better than ever. The Truckstop too.

Roxy: Babe, we've got to get back.
Trevor: You need to relax, yeah, really relax.

Hire Whit. It's my money too, he's the best man for the job, so call him.

Roxy: Please forgive me.
Trevor: I was afraid I was losing you. I thought you were trying to replace me.
Roxy: What?
Trevor: I thought you didn't need me any more.
Roxy: That would never happen, ever.
Trevor: I love you.
Roxy: I love you, so much, sometimes I can't even breathe.

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