Astrid: Inside, upstairs, when you said I can't let Peter die again. What did you mean by that?
Walter: Some things are meant to be left alone.

Astrid: Walter what can I do?
Walter: I can't let Peter die again. He's going to. They all will. There's nothing I can do about it.

Walter: I, as chairman of biochemistry at Harvard have little patience for small minded bureaucrats.
Broyles: Walter that's not helping.

Just because no one has documented flying monkeys or talking lions yet hardly means they don't exist

Olivia: Walter, were you involved in any military testing in Edina?
Walter: Not that I recall. I'm sure I'd remember something as exciting as human metamorphosis.

Walter: I'm learning to appreciate cowardice, The Lion had a point.
Peter: The Lion?
Walter: The Cowardly Lion.
Peter: But again, that was just a movie and there's no flying monkeys inside the grocery store.

Peter... I have a terrible headache... and a sudden craving for chicken wings.

Peter: Maybe some Valium would help.
Walter: You know, I don't do Valium nearly enough. That's a god idea. I'll have 50 milligrams, please.
Dr. West: Well, that... that's quite a high dosage.
Walter: I have quite a high tolerance.

Security Guard: Are you Dr. Bishop?
Walter: Yes. And I'm perfectly sane.

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