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Sons of anarchy
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Jax: She's a goddamn trainwreck.
Nero: She's still your mother ... Women like your mom, they don't do so good without family.

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Not sure why Yak has make comments tordaws me for awhile, not sure if he hates that I get into beta's or what, I never did anything to this person, I barely know him, but he always makes his comments, if its an issue I will stop coming to these forums.I stay away from drama, I have enough of it IRL, my guild does not deal with it, so if I come here and keep seeing someone making statements about me when they don't know me, I will move on.Sorry coolit but this person is annoying, you invited me here and I thought this was about my own opinions and thoughs and experinces.Just because Yak wants me to break NDA's and tell him stuff, anyone who knows, me knows, I'm a paid beta tester, and have been for many years, I also i'm in the game design field as well, almost have my degree so I have many ways to find new games and info.Anyone who knows me knows I have went out of my way to get people beta keys and info when I can, but I'm not gonna break and NDA to make a person that I don't know happy.I can tell Yak likes to troll and honestly its annoying. It sounds like your jealous and immature, and you like to start fights like you did with Trekkan as well for what ever reason. Just because you can't have your ways with someone One thing you will learn, I won't give you what your lookiing for and I will not break the NDA's Once the NDA's break I will be happy to share anything with you guys, also anyone who knows me , knows I share what ever info I can. Wretched, Coolit, and a few others know me.

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