24: Live Another Day

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24 live another day cast
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You were right about what you said earlier about being my best friend. Thank you. Look in on my family when you can.


I won't remember anything that happens today. I won't remember anything that happens period. I won't remember that I had a daughter that died in such a horrible fashion.


It's not your fault Chloe. You need to let that go. None of this is.


At this point I think I'm the only friend you have left, whether you want to admit it or not.


Adrian lied to me. The only thing I did wrong was to believe him. Please let me make this right.


You're working for the Russians and you tell me you're sorry.

President Heller

Audrey: Do what has to be done. Do you hear me Jack?
Jack: I hear you.

Jack: Some things are going to happen and I just don't want you to hate me forever.
Audrey: Jack, stop. I could never hate you. I never have.

China turned its back on me. It's not my country anymore.


If it was easy you wouldn't have me doing it.


Just so we're clear, I wasn't asking. That was me being courteous.


I know that he was willing to sacrifice himself and I know that you would never let that happen and that means a lot to me. I'm not ready to lose him.

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