You're Naomi Clark. You rule West Bev. Snap your fingers and you could have any man you want.


It's kind of funny. Everyone you loved ends up loving me more. First, Ethan. Now, Liam. Who's gonna be next?


Naomi: I love the feeling of being on the ocean. It totally turns me on.
Silver: Ewww, Naomi.

Dixon: What about Silver?
Navid: Obviously, we need to kill Silver.

I pretty much foreshadowed the whole Girls Gone Wild craze.


Teddy: What about Megan Fox?
Dixon: Sasha blows her away.

My next woman will be all about the D man. I'm gonna find myself a female Dixon.


I'm innocent and she's a bitch. I'm gonna expose her for what she is.

Annie [on Naomi]

I don't speak skank. Maybe I could find an interpreter.

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