Tabitha: Now I have to reconfigure all my maths. Dixon, if I want to be... 54, how old do I have to say I was when I had your father now that he has a 25-year-old son he conceived when he was 18?
Dixon: Eleven.
Tabitha: Hum... that's a little unseemly.

Girlfriends are like plants. Yes and guys are like cut flowers. You know. Sure they're pretty and they small nice most of the time. But they don't last. Yes and a plant or a friend, if you nurture it and take care of it, it grows and it lasts a long long time. Does this make sense? Is this helping at all?


Fortunately for you, I speak fluent Sidekick.


Annie: [Is this skirt] too short?
Silver: Let's just say you're gonna need two hairdos for that outfit.

Enjoy my sloppy seconds!

Naomi [to Annie, about Ethan]

Annie, do not engage the scary blonde chick.


Annie is a whore who went out with my boyfriend when I asked her not to.


Ethan: Hey, girlfriend?
Annie: Yes, boyfriend?

I feel like I have a son and I haven't been any sort of father to him.

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