Oh my God, throw that ticket away hunnie, we do not fly commercial!


Actually we're more of a 'Who Runs the World, Girls,' company.


I know it sounds really cliché, but telling the truth finally set me free of it all.


I just feel like I'm being used by women at every turn.


You're really smart! It's a shame you're independently wealthy. With a little motivation you could actually accomplish something.


Okay so did you actually write a dirty tell all book about being a hooker? I mean congratulations, but seriously?


Navid: Liam I really wanna kiss you right now.
Liam: Resist that urge.

What made you change your mind? Besides your penis.


Ade and I have a really complicated relationship since high school. I did some things to her that I'm not exactly proud of. And then she did some things to me that nearly killed me.

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