Dixon really does have a white sister from Kansas!


I am one big story away from getting my own gossip show on TV. It's gonna make TMZ look like Sesame Street.


Silver: I was just trying to protect myself.
Teddy: Yeah we'll you've always been pretty good at that haven't you.

Who's the psycho skank now?


Okay let's get cozy and look like we're hanging out in a Sons of Anarchy episode until my ring shows up.


All drama Adrianna is back.


I'm a lot of things. But a kidnapper, a murderer? Get real.


Considering what you did with Taylor you're lucky he isn't using the Laker girls to get even...and I mean all of them.

Naomi [to Adrianna]

Hell hath not fury like an angry ex.


I'm not gonna tell Max something's that's gonna hurt him, Alec, I've done enough.


This isn't something you can just thank me for and walk away.

Teddy [to Silver]

Riley: I had a fight with your sister.
Dixon: So? Everyone fights with my sister. Join the club.


How is nearly having a stroke okay?

Adrianna [to Dixon]

Some things you can't forgive and forgot.

Liam [to Navid]