MIT was my first choice...and now you are.

Max [to Naomi]

Don't dismiss hormones. They are real and they are powerful.


You're dating the help?!

Jen [finding out Ryan's dating Debbie]

I was thinking you could go all Don Draper-esque.

Naomi [inviting Max to Marla's screening]

The player getting played.

Naomi [listening to Teddy complain about Marco]

How's it going with the new boy toy?

Naomi [to Teddy]

Statistically speaking, couples our age don't survive long-distance relationships.


Naomi [upon finding out she was accepted to CU]: I can take off my lucky thong.
Max: How many days have you been wearing it?

You're always right, Mr. Perfect!

Silver [enraged at Navid]

Are you planning on killing yourself?

Annie [to Marla]

Why are you staring at me like a fish on a hook?

Marla [to Annie]

Somebody take away her coffee before she gets back.

Dixon [referring to Silver]

90210 Season 3 Quotes

Everything's as right as a 90 degree angle.

Max [in Naomi's dream]

Teddy: Would you dance with me?
Marco: Who am I to refuse the king?