Are you planning on killing yourself?

Annie [to Marla]

Why are you staring at me like a fish on a hook?

Marla [to Annie]

Somebody take away her coffee before she gets back.

Dixon [referring to Silver]

Max: Please don't take off your underwear in public, Naomi.
Naomi: Why? Do you want to do it?

Annie: It's a thriller, right?
Marla: Depends on what thrills you, I guess.

Max: Looks like we started a new trend.
Naomi: I think geek is the new chic.

Max: You're my girl and I want everyone to know that.
Naomi: Oh hell yes!

Next time you fake me out like that I'm gonna let you drown. I'm gonna make you drown.

Ivy [to Raj]

Getting old is a bitch, Annie.

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