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Come on, Mary Todd Lincoln, I'll buy you a drink.


When witches don't fight, we burn.


Madison: Who are you?
Fiona: You know, I gotta hand it to you. A Bus flip. That's not easy, but you were a sloppy little witch bitch.
Madison: Go to hell you stupid hag.

Madison: Do you have any clothes that don't come from the Gap?
Zoe: Not really. Why?
Madison: You can borrow something of mine. Frat party tonight. Just got the tweet.

I'm a human voodoo doll.


It was an accident. And, you will find love again. A strange and unexpected love.


Even if I wanted to give it to you, I couldn't. What we do here isn't magic. I'm sorry.


We are under siege. Our lives, our very existence is always at risk. Know this. Or, face extinction.

Cordelia Fox
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