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You are gonna give me that book because it's my fate to have it. You see I have a plan to meet my mother. And when I see her I'm going to greet her with a polite hello, Ms Winters, do you know who I am? And, she'll shake her head in ignorance and then I'll present this book of lies. And, then I'll say, "I'm in your book, except I didn't die. I'm the piece of trash you threw away 48 years ago. I'm your son." When she fully understands who it is standing in front of her, I'll take out my 9 mm handgun, point it at her face, and pull the trigger. And, I would have finally completed my father's work. But, first, I'm going to need that book.


Jude: They don't know, but I don't need the hat. I can fly without it. ONe of these days I'm going to fly my ass right outta here. Watch and see.
Kit: I don't doubt it.

Why are you writing about him? He's just another maniac!


The cruelest thing of all is false hope.


The Monsignor: Please, Jude, don't be childish.
Jude: Childish? Hell, I'm the Queen of Candyland.

Kit's kid: Daddy?
Kit: Daddy will be there in a minute.

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