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Cyril: I'm sorry, the money is where?
Archer: Uh, in your masturbators, you idiot.

You'd be amazed what you people do when you think you're alone. Cyril.


Lana: Right about here is the part where I hold you responsible.
Archer: Oh my God, the burden.

Lana: If anything goes wrong, I'm holding YOU responsible.
Archer: Yeah, that'll teach me.

Archer: It's the A-Team meets Scarface. That makes me...uh...
Lana: Hannibal Montana?

The point is, we are highly trained covert operatives with an extremely dangerous set of skills. And since the government has unjustly accused us of treason, we are now forced to transfer those skills from espionage to criminal activity. Kinda like the A-Team. But we sell drugs

Potato, po-treason, whatever.

Cyril: Only if you promise to periodically micromanage it and emasculate me.
Malory: Cyril. I would have thought that goes without saying.

God, how I envy the deaf.

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