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Gillette: How much?
Archer: It's hard to say. $800,000?
Gillette: You lost 800 grand!?
Archer: No, remaining.

Gummi bears all around! I'll eat hers if she doesn't have uhh teeth.


Benoit: Now if you excuse me, I must go find fresh towels and a whore.
Archer: Hey, Benoit, not to thick on either.

Lana: You turned archer loose with four million dollars in a casino?
Archer: Oh, don't worry. He may be vain, selfish liar and quite possibly alcoholic man whore, but gambling is one vice Sterling doesn't have.
Malory: Guess he's too busy doing all those other awesome stuff. Thanks, mother.

Malory: I am not sharing a room with you.
Gillette: No, I'm sharing it with you and it's the last room in the hotel. Mo view but it's got two queens.
Malory: Where's the other one, greasing up in the bathroom?

Wow, what a pussy. He was spilling the beans so fast, i could barely keep up.

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