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Archer: How many times do I have to apologize?
Cheryl: Just once would be nice.
Archer: Uh, no.

Sterling: I have an El Camino.
Ron: Oh so you're all set. That will hold way more hispanics and lawn mowers.

I don't think he's even on this floor, but idiot Bret still managed to get shot.


Pam: Should I wash my hands?
Kriger: Eh, I didn't.

The last time she was in the field they were still using muskets.


Krieger: Do you ever want to walk again?
Gillette: No, because this way I never have to buy new shoes.
Krieger: Yeah, but is that worth it?

Gillette: Yes, I piss and shit in a bag.
Krieger: Me too!

Ray: Blow me.
Sterling: Why? You couldn't feel it.

Now it requires literal leg work, Ray. Like walking and maybe running. But hopefully not running because I'll be in brand new shoes.

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