Army Wives

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Army wives
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No, it's just that their margaritas make people do strange things.


Roland: Sorry I'm late. I got dinner.
Joan: I already had dinner. It's in the trash can!
Roland: I see.
Joan: Oh baby, whatever that is, it's - it's not welcome here!

Claudia-Joy: Let's go for a walk.
Denise: Really? Is that how you got over Amanda's death? A hearty breakfast and long walks?

Roland: Whoa! It looks like we have more women getting into my car.
Claudia: Let's go, we got babies to deliver.

Forgiveness is the first step.

Claudia Joy

I'm not Nicole's roommate, I'm her fiance! And we're getting married.


"Girl nearly stripped her clutch when she saw me."


I wanna call him Drew. It means courageous.


Michael: Should we be insulted that she's so happy to leave home?
Claudia Joy: Michael, it's the natural order of things for kids to want to be as far away from their parents as possible.

Trevor: Rox, you are one of the smartest people I know... you could do anything.
Roxy: You know the difference between a lawyer and an accountant? An accountant knows he's boring. (kisses Trevor) I'm happy where I am right now.

Apparently, Charleston is the number two wedding destination in this country. Who knew?


So where's my room? In the coach house?

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I don't know how to get divorced.


I'm not a hero.


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