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"Well, if I didn't just serve up toe jam on an idiot cracker."


"Girl nearly stripped her clutch when she saw me."


"You being out this morning is five shades of stupid."


"Maybe you're realizing that when we got married, you didn't know me from Adam's housecat."

Roxy [to Trevor]

"You are bringing the sexy, by the way."

Roxy [to Claudia Joy]

"My favorite designer is the Goodwill."


"I'm so attracted to him, I ovulate like a slot machine."


Roxy: "She's had so many names — my pink sea, mound of Venus, Shirley — but now I'm going with RCan: Rattlesnake Canyon."

Roxy: "Two words: e-nough!

Roxy: [to Denise]: "Hits you once, hit him back. Hits you a second time, shoot him in the balls."

"I choose all of you. Thank you for being my family."


Michael Holden: Claudia Joy Holden, after 17 years of marriage my heart still skips a beat every time I look at you.
Claudia Joy Holden: Michael James Holden, after 17 years of marriage I can't believe that tired old line of yours still works.

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Army Wives Quotes

Forgiveness is the first step.

Claudia Joy

But I don't have breasts yet.


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