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Trevor: You're the one at home, so you're the one who's got to keep it together.
Roxy: Yeah, well, you want to tell me how to do that?

Making small talk with dignitaries is not exacty my idea of a good time.


Mrs. LeBlanc, your presensce here is a privilege, just as it is a privilege for your family to have housing on post. In the future, I recommend you control your son's behavior. Thank you for your time.


Denise: I wish you and I could start over again somehow.
Tonya: We have.

I particularly would like to thank my husband, Dr. Roland Burton. He has sacrificed beyond measure to reach this day. My husband and my daughter give me the strength and the reason to carry on. And, I can never thank them enough.


No, it's just that their margaritas make people do strange things.


Me? I'm just the husband, Patty; flying under the radar like always.

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