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Getting kicked out of the Army is gonna be like getting kicked out of a family.


Why does he have to leave all the time? He's never here when I need him.


No. No way. They're not getting near our daughter.


Being a man means stepping up when your family needs you.


I won't be the first Army spouse to put his professional life on hold to support the soldier he married.


I can't not be a soldier in a place where everybody else is one!


Trevor: What am I supposed to do here if I'm not in the Army?
Roxy: You could help me run Betty's?
Trevor: Babe, I love you, but I don't want to run the bar.
Roxy: But I do.

Trevor: What about when we met? When we met you said all you ever needed in life was me and the boys.
Roxy: Yeah, well you said the same thing about me.

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