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Claudia Joy, I'm starting to get a little tired of all the negativity aimed at the Clarks. You need to let it go. I mean it.


You'll always be the same Roxy underneath. Nothing can change that, thank God.

Claudia Joy

Country club clothes. Boring little Stepford Wives all in a row. Yeah, that's not me Denise.


Joan: Well, I'm holding a town hall meeting tomorrow night showing everyone I'm willing to listen and respond to their concerns. What do you think?
Roland: Bring your Kevlar.

A guy can't keep it together at home, how's he supposed to lead on the field?


I've been feeling guilty about spending so much time with Jackie lately. I got the strangest vibe from Claudia Joy today.


Ask yourself. Who do you want to get that third star? Michael or Kevin Clark?


Denise: I know, they're not the easiest group.
Roxy: Are you kidding? They're horrible.
Denise: They just need to be lead.
Roxy: Yeah, off a cliff!

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