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Everyone lives with an element of risk in their lives, but we don't have to live with ignorance and fear. And we don't have to punish an 11 year old boy because we're too narrow minded to know better.


The people who are really your friends? They're not gonna care about your HIV, they're gonna love you for who you are, just like we do.


Your mother and I talked about it, and we don't want you to have another day like today. Ever.


That woman is a bitch on wheels. You should tell your soldier he'd be better off without her.


Denise: What the hell Claudia Joy?
Claudia Joy: What? I thought you wanted my opinion?
Denise: Yes, but Jackie was very clear about a few things.
Claudia Joy: Then why do you need me?
Denise: I'm beginning to wonder.

Well I'm not gonna just sit here and let them attack our kid.


Pull your pants up man. Don't nobody want to look at your underwear. We are young men of character, remember? Thank you!

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