So, anyway, look. If you're wondering why I haven't visited, maybe it's because I wanted to be thought of as more than just a beautiful face. And a gorgeous head of hair.


Lindsay: Come on, Michael. Who knows how long our parents are going to be around?
Michael: Yeah, well, I got to tell you. I was over at her place today, and she looked a little frail to me. She was having trouble even lifting up this bag of groceries. All right, we will do the surprise party.

Lindsay: It would just give Dad one more reason to think that I've got nothing to offer but my looks.
Gob: Yeah, I got some of that. Except he also didn't like my looks.

Michael: You're not staying on the yacht, are you?
Gob: What do you want me to do, Michael, live full-time with Marta?
Michael: Or break up with her. I'm sure there'd be somebody else out there that would appreciate her.

Well, they got the Asian right. "Hotties" might be a stretch. Well, let's start with the little one.


Lucille: He's weak.
Michael: Speaking of weak, Mom, what do you got in there, gold bars?
Lucille: Protein bars for your father. He's pumping up in prison.

Gob: I was halfway to South America, but I couldn't let you get away with it because we're brothers, Mom, and we kind of like each other.
Michael: You were going to South America?
Gob: I don't think so.

Gob: There's no way that you were trying to hurt me. You don't hate me. Mom hates me. You kind of like me.
Michael: Yeah, I kind of like you.

Gob: Turn this skiff around.
Captain: We haven't even left the dock.
Gob: But "skiff" is appropriate, right?

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