Cat: You are so much prettier than she is.
Tess: Still no do over.

No, you weren't being selfish, you just wanted this to be a little more normal.


Evan: I am scared for you Cat.
Cat: Trust me Evan. You don't have to be.

J.T.: I came as soon as I heard you got him.
Evan: How did you..."
J.T.: Word travels. You know, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.
Evan: It was on Instagram?
J.T.: Kids today.

Every time he's been involved, it's been because he's been trying to do the right thing.


Leaving my best friend to wake up scared and alone in a tunnel? I am so sorry.


Cat: You okay?
Tess: You mean because now I'm living in a world of grey?

Yeah, I'm not gonna lie. The whole manimal thing is a lot to wrap my head around.


Do you really think your feelings for this monster are real?


How long do you think this fairy tale will last?


J.T.: So is she cool?
Tess: Cooler than you in a ladies' locker room.

Why do you have a constipated look on your face?


Beauty and the Beast Quotes

Vincent: I was kind of hoping for someplace a little bit more...romantic. Someplace my girlfriend would want to come visit me.
Cat: Trust me, your girlfriend will visit you wherever you live.

You can't cross the line, can you? Catherine would be so proud.