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You are the best boyfriend ever. And clearly I should learn to trust your instincts.


Cat: It's kind of hard hearing new stories. It makes you feel you weren't as special as you thought.
Gabe: You were. She talked about you all the time.I know you were Rosa Parks in your second grade play, that you broke your arm in a Slip n Slide, that you hated to practice violin...
Cat: So much...
Gabe: She thought you hung the moon.

She risked her life. If she would do that for me, then imagine what she would do for her own daughters.


You're bringing a guy to a family event Vincent can't go to and you're wondering why he's not talking to you?


Cat: Just come over tonight and listen to 80s power ballads, that's charity enough.
Gabe: I like 80s power ballads!

She was the only truly loving adult we had and I adored her. That's why I came here today. But I am sorry if I upset you that I came here.

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