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Vincent helps Gabe connect with a sharpshooter.

Joe asks Tess to transfer so they can go public.

Cat and Gabe bond once he tells her that her mother was his doctor as a child.

Vincent has no faith in Gabe.

Gabe tells Cat he thinks Vanessa faked her death.

Vincent tells Cat he knew months ago that Vanessa's grave was empty.

Cat confronts her dad about her mother's grave being dug up.

Gabe was the target, not the mayor.

Vincent and Cat find a grave at another location that they believe is really her mother's.

Vincent and Cat celebrate their anniversary.

Gabe discovers Vanessa is dead, but that he has found the beast....and he's one too.

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Those are the bulletted highlight, but you left out all the spine-tingling romantic moments between Vincent & Cat, how SMOKIN' HOT jealousy looks on Vincent *fanning myself* (I think they could've titled THIS episode 'Playing with Fire' too!) AND Tess & 'TJ' were KILLIN IT last night w/their 1-line zingers!!! Dear God, my pulse was RACING, my temperature was CLIMBING & about every 5 minutes I nearly SPIT MY DRINK OUT! !lSomehow, your recap doesn't capture that :/

Beauty and the Beast Season 1 Episode 19 Quotes

Cat: Just come over tonight and listen to 80s power ballads, that's charity enough.
Gabe: I like 80s power ballads!

She was the only truly loving adult we had and I adored her. That's why I came here today. But I am sorry if I upset you that I came here.