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You said you liked feeling strong. That was not strength or control. That was a vicious killer. I see that now. Do you?


No. Susanna is my long dead wife who I just found out has been living the last 200 years as a vampire. Kind of thing.


Susanna: Well you do live with two wolves and a ghost. What kind of freak are you?
Aidan: A homeless one. The wolves are moving out.

Hold on. There were a couple fires. There was the one when Danny tried to burn us down and there was the one when Bishop came bursting through the window like the Kool-Aid guy...


We talked about this, and I meant what I said. Sally and Aidan are our family, no matter how much time we end up spending with this new pack.


It's not like any of us can afford to buy it. I mean half of us don't even really exist.


I'm sorry Baby werewolf beats a dancing cat video anytime.

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