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I'm just gonna live while I can, and then let go when it's time to let go.


I'm sorry. Sally, are you going to do this? Are you going to eat live flesh to survive?


Aidan: Liam expected me to die, and now that I haven't...
Josh: No, I'm not going to let him anywhere near you.
Nora: Neither will I.

Josh: It was you beating the infection, that's what that was.
Sally: I didn't think dead people could do that.
Aidan: Yeah, neither did I.

Why do you insist on befriending every stray wolf you come across?


Sally: I ate a mouse.
Nick: Oh, thank God.
Sally: Not the reaction I was expecting.

May I ask what inspired you to ask one of our only "muggle" friends over during this particularly supernatural time?

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